: NY Times editor Bill Keller and LA Times editorial page editor Michael Kinsley spar and spit over protecting reporters’ confidential sources. (Sadly, they don’t link to Kinsley’s original column.)

  • Jazz Shaw

    An interesting story which I have blogged on several times. This story continues to be obfuscated by the cover of “protecting sources.” The “source” in this case was not a whistleblower revealing the naughty actions of somebody else. It’s not illegal to be a spy. It is illegal to reveal the identity of a spy. The leaker is the criminal. How Novak has not been forced to reveal this yet is a mystery, but somebody needs to cough up the information. We’re not protecting a source here. We’re protecting a criminal in the administration. That much is black and white. The rest of these debates about sources and the freedom of the press are simply smoke screens.

  • Walter E. Wallis

    I suppose that if I were a reporter I would like to have extra privileges and rights. Why not have engineers automatically have the right to concealed carry? Or teachers have the right to free refills?