Quelle surprise

Quelle surprise

: What, we should be surprised that the French like Michael Moore?

  • Mike

    I thought only one of the eight jury members were French?

  • Michael Zimmer

    Indeed, Mike. Here is a story about the jury itself, and its unusual step of meeting with the press to discuss their choices.
    It’s also interesting to note that last year the Palme d’Or went to Elephant, a film dismissed as irresponsible by critics in the US for its portrayal of the Columbine high school massacre.
    Just becuase American audiences would rather give awards to drivel like “Chicago” or “Shakespeare in Love” doesn’t mean the rest of the world has to follow suit.

  • http://www.buzzmachine.com Jeff Jarvis

    A French event.

  • http://www.midnightblog.com Tim

    I’d trust a Frenchman over a racist like you any day, Jarvis.
    If you can’t take the truth, don’t watch the movie — just don’t preach your little nightmares at us.

  • felixrayman

    Apparently the French like Moore. So do Americans, the Brits, people in Belgium, Finland, Viet Nam, and Haiti, if the jury for the prize is representative. The Americans like Moore the most, 3 of the 9 jury members were Yanks.
    Your little outburst of petty nationalism is pretty silly though. Stick to writing about Stern.

  • Tim

    The Palme d’Or is an insignificant award. It means nothing culturally, it means nothing at the box office. It is simply a massive circle jerk where a lot of marginalized or irrelevant filmmakers try to make a leaden political point and express their endless resentment at Americans for beating them at the box office everywhere. It really is true. And as if the jury wasn’t political — Tilda Swinton? Come on! And Tarantino always goes for cheap drama. He wouldn’t pass up a media moment like this for the world.
    If someone made a movie about all the bribes taken by French politicians (the corruption in the country is insane), do you think it would be honored at the New York Film Festival? No one cares.

  • troy

    “marginalized or irrelevant filmmakers”
    I take that to mean people dedicated to the art of filmmaking, who have the unmitigated gall to believe that there is more power and beauty in the 7th art than what is found in shoot ’em up, juvenile multi million dollar blockbusters.

  • Gavin

    “Apparently the French like Moore. So do Americans, the Brits, …”
    Who on earth do you think you, generalising across whole nations like that? Some kind of closet racist, obviously.
    I am British, and the very thought of Moore’s incessant lying makes me want to puke my ring up. So there.

  • Gavin

    PS the sheer nastiness of the some the posts above do the authors – and their viewpoints – no favours. At all.

  • MK

    Morgan Spurlock must be upset he didn’t win.

  • http://dimmykarras.blogspot.com Dimmy Karras

    At the press conference after the ceremony, Moore said, “I fully expect the Fox News Channel and other right-wing media to portray this as an award from the French.” Looks like he was right.

  • http://journals.aol.com/ceklundesq/TheOtherShoe/ Charlie Eklund

    I have to concur with Gavin’s point about the level of sheer nastiness here in Jeff’s comments section. I’ve noticed that civil discourse here is pretty much out the window, replaced by smug ugliness. Too bad, really. This used to be one of the more interesting comments sections around.

  • Michael Zimmer

    I hear ya, Charlie – it seems that “civil discourse” simply isn’t any more likely in the blogosphere than in face-to-face interactions. The anonymity of comments makes it too easy for people to attack. Partisanship has reached new heights with this medium. The chances for critical discussion or analysis, indeed, seems slim.

  • Mike

    Dimmy: That was great.
    Charlie and Michael: I agree. And it isn’t even the nastiness that bothers me as much as the smugness. (and i know i’m guilty of it) But I have to say, I think it comes from the actual posts. There’s a lot of smugness there.

  • Suzanne Calvin

    There’s something else at work here. I’ve noticed that, as tensions rise, there is an ever greater tendancy to “read” incorrect or over-inflated emotions into both emails and blogcopy. It appears the entire globe is currently in need of a mental margarita. Make mine without salt, please!

  • pele

    But this is now a world where you are with US or against US and therefore automatically an evil do-er.