Another day, another panel

Another day, another panel

: I’m going to be on a panel at the New Voices conference for Jewish journalism students on Tuesday, thanks to Steven Weiss and will be joining Dan Sieradski and Jeff Sharlet. The topic: “Can the Internet Change the Way We Interact with Judaism?” I’m an honorary Jewish blogger for the day.

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    Mazel tov!

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    Nothing personal, but if you have displaced a Jewish person, I find this objectionable.
    I myself do not “officially” exist. A couple of years ago, while taking care of my bedridden and dying mother in her late 80’s, someone from Bnai Brith called the house with a questionaire. Their last information from our family was from 40 or so years ago. Like they really care! According to their information, I am a young child. Hellooooo!
    Sorry, but I’m pretty fed up with this. And it only gets worse.