Comment on comments

Comment on comments
: The discussion on SixApart’s proposed cross-site comment system continues here and here at

: More here at John’s.

: Haiko Hebig has some issues here; and SixApart’s Ben Trott answers him in the comments.

: Jay Allen says it replaces the MT Blacklist spam-fighting plug-in.

  • Tom

    Well, the lack of MT-Blacklist in 3.0 due to TypeKey-type interfaces taking over is interesting – in that it reads like you need TypeKey to run 3.0. I suspect this will hinder the early adopters (like myself) to possibly not early adopt.

  • Jay Allen

    TypeKey is completely optional for the site owner. But the features of 3.0 (including but not limited to TypeKey) are so good that I think most people will agree that Blacklist is an uneccessary burden.

  • Abiola Lapite

    I strongly suggest you read this post before rhapsodizing further on the benefits this service will bring. No, it isn’t the standard rant about a centralized registration system that’s been making the rounds – the criticisms in there are far more potent than that. This system looks certain to be a cure worse than the disease if heed isn’t paid to what Jacques Distler has to say in the post I’ve linked to.

  • Tom

    Yes, but you need TypeKey installed in order to run the “blacklist” feature. If you don’t want to have a blacklist, then 3.0 is fine without TypeKey. But looking at some logs, I’d say I want it.