: Washington Monthly hires Calpundit to blog.

  • Joe Peden

    He’s innocuous enough. I gave his site one shot: He wanted to know if we could predict what success Bush might have in “democratizing Iraq”, which is why he said he supported the war, but now he [Calpundit] might have been wrong or misled [?], in light of the rate of success of Bush’s other agendas, as judged by his respondents’ evaluations, which he then invited. Bush’s success rate, according to the evaluators, was surprisingly high, varying around 20-30%, which I thought might make Democatizing Iraq a good risk. Not! More telling, left off the scope of Bush’s agendas for evaluation, was the agenda of not allowing further 9/11-like attacks, the success rate of which was, and is, 100%. Are we “nuancing” yet? Calpundit can do “what he wants, but I am not going on the Reservation”. [Too-hool-hool-zote, 1877]

  • Yehudit

    That about sums him up. There’s no there there.