Posts from March 2, 2004

Bloggercon session ideas….

Bloggercon session ideas….

: I have some suggestions for Bloggercon session. Dave Winer suggested I post them here so you could react to/add to/send barbs about them.

I’ve registered for Bloggercon — April 17 in Cambridge. It’s free. You should go. Yes, you. (Already, 100 have signed up.)

My suggested sessions:

1. The reverse panel: We invite skeptical journalists (and perhaps business/political people) to question the audience about why blogs matter and what makes them so damned special. We’ve all made these arguments; let’s use these doubting Thomases to help bring our arguments together (or punch holes in them).

2. True weblog revolutions: Hossein Derahkshan (Hoder) and other international bloggers tell us how weblogs are truly bringing a revolution to their countries. Perhaps we can at least get Iraqi bloggers on a Skype conference for this — plus others from various nations in Africa, China, OhMyNews in Korea, etc.

3. The business of blogging: A collaborative session asking what it will take to make blogging work as a business (for those who want it to). I start the list with the need for better traffic and audience reporting (we can beat established media at that, if we try); content categorization of blogs (for sponsorship, advertising, and underwriting); and so on.

NEW: 4. Words: I’d love to see a session — or just a bulletin board somewhere — at which everyone can nominate new, human-level (rather than machine-level) names for the things we all hope lots of humans use: “RSS” (whatever happened to that contest to find a new name?), “aggregator,” even perhaps “blog.”


: A study finds that venting anger is not good for you and can lead to a higher risk of an irregular heartbeat, which can, in turn, cause strokes and worse.

I’ll attest to that. Like a guy who’s getting old, I’ve burdened you with my cardiac story: I got irregular heartbeats — aka afib — from a lung test that came from my 9/11 pneumonia. Ever since then, I have seen a strong tie between anger and heart rhythm. When somebody cuts me off on the highway, I can feel the heart start to go beserk. I now avoid situations where I have to yell at airline clerks. It has a direct impact on the heart.

Turns out, to my surprise, that has not been accepted medical wisdom.

The study, published in Circulation, the journal of the American Heart Association, is the first to link emotions with heartbeat. The research team’s leader, Elaine Eaker, the president of Eaker Epidemiology Enterprises in Wisconsin, said the findings challenged popular wisdom.

“There has been a perception that you can dissipate the negative health effects of anger by letting anger out instead of bottling it up,” she said. “But that is definitely not the case in this study.”

So stop trying to get me angry about Howard Stern. It’s bad for my health.

The next constitutional amendment…

The next constitutional amendment…
: I predict that the next constitutional amendment to pass will have nothing to do with marriage (or the flag or women’s rights or prayer).

It will be a constitutional amendment to allow foreign-born citizens to run for President.

Why? Schwarzenegger’s popularity keeps rising.