You can’t smash reform…

You can’t smash reform…
: …but Iran’s mullah’s keep trying. Hoder reports that they’ve shut down two reformist newspapers.

But there are plenty of reformist blogs.

  • Coops

    Iran has internet penetration of just 1.5%
    Of these, how many read blogs? Almost certainly less than 10%.
    So – penetration of blog reading is at most 0.1% of the population
    Of these people – most are probably folk who have lived abroad or are wealthy/ international in outlook.
    The presence of a few blogs hardly replaces mass market print media – think about it.

  • Jeff Jarvis

    OF course. Weblogs can’t serve the mass anywhere yet. But that’s not the point in a situation like this. They do allow people to express opinion that is dangerous to the tyrants; they allow those people to get that story out to the world; they allow people to know they’re not alone and organize.

  • Coops

    Fair enough