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: You all know the lower-case hugh macleod in the comments and I hope you know his wonderful cartoons on the backs of business cards. He’s selling prints of them online again and that’s good news. I’m the proud owner of an original macleod. You should be, too.

We won’t have to explain “blog” anymore when…

We won’t have to explain “blog” anymore when…
: When they make Page One of the New York Times. Check.

: When a character on a sitcom has one. Waiting.

: When somebody on a reality show has one. Surely.

: When a criminal on Law & Order confesses on one. Naw.

: When a pulp fiction criminal confesses on one. Surely.

: When a country singer sings about one. Inevitable.

: When The Daily Show mentions blogs. Check.

: When Jay Leno makes a joke about blogs. Waiting.

: When a major TV pundit responds to one on the air. Soon.

: When a major TV pundit gets a blog. Maybe.

: When major media, having ignored them, suddenly decides they’re yesterday’s news. Check.

: When a newsmagazine has a cover billing on them. Just wait.

: When VCs try to make money off them. Check.

: When Microsoft tries to make money off them. Hmmmm.

: When big brands like Absolut advertise on them. Check.

: When you hear your parents use the word in a sentence without gulping. Check.

Getting there.

Horst Obst adds:

:When Al-Qaeda attacks some of them. Check!

The solution to commuting woes

The solution to commuting woes
: I have the solution to commuting woes, crowded highways, underfunded trains and busses, all in one little word:


Commuter rails in Canada and northern California are testing wi-fi on commuter trains.

I drive to work now but that’d make me leave my car behind. I’d even pay more for the privilege of using the service. I could work, surf, chat, whatever instead of wasting time twiddling thumbs or staring off into space. I wouldn’t even get so upset during the delays.

NJ Transit: Take a lesson from Starbucks and McDonalds and Canada’s rails. If you offered wi-fi connectivity, I’d bet that more people would take the trains — and pay more.

Salam’s unfair post

Salam’s unfair post
: Salam Pax has a most unfair and misleading post regarding new fellow Iraqi blogger Zeyad. Salam says this:

Hmm…. now it is me who linked to this weblog, and I am sure everyone has the right to say what they think, but this is kind of strange.

I would rather have President Bremer (Allah preserve him) ruling us than any of them.

pfui…filthy words wash your moth with soap young man.

Now read Zeyad in the full context, a post I quoted the other day. He’s not saying for a second that he wants Bremer. He’s saying he would prefer Bremer to some of the other dangerous nuts vying for power, dangerous nuts who would probably be bad news for Salam, too. Zeyad’s words, in context:

I truly hope that living under 50 years of tyranny hasn’t turned us all into potential tyrants. I worry constantly when I see some of the newly appointed Iraqi officials and controversial politico-religious figures just too eager to rule and assume power in the country. They are desperately trying to push it and speed up things for themselves. I see Saddam’s face under the masks they’re wearing. They are tyrants in disguise. I would rather have President Bremer (Allah preserve him) ruling us than any of them.

For same, Salam, for shame.

For someone who was constantly doubted and misinterpreted online and in print, a person would think that you’d take more care in the quoting of a fellow Iraqi, a fellow weblogger.

What’s the matter: Jealous about the new kid in town? [via Tomi in my comments]

: There’s a picture of Salam in a Stern interview but he still hides his identity because he says he feels safer that way.

Well, taking that quote above out of context isn’t any way to aid your fellow blogger’s safety in Iraq is it, Salam?

: UPDATE: See Zeyad’s response — and lesson in Iraqi irony — in the comments.

Hey, Tina, where’s your blog?

Hey, Tina, where’s your blog?
: A friend sends this wonderful excerpt from Tina Brown’s Washington Post chat:

Brooklyn, N.Y.: What do you think about the blog phenomenon? Are there any bloggers out there that you find to be both informative and entertaining? Should magazines recruit bloggers for staff positions? (As was the case with Elizabeth Spiers.)

Tina Brown: I love the blog.s Think they are really channging the collective voice of journalism. People are sick of mediated coverage. They like the noholds barred appraoch….

New York, N.Y.: Hi Tina: Congratulations and best of luck with the new endeavours. Q: In a recent interview President Bush said something like he doesn’t read newspapers or watch TV news because he has people do that and report to him. Do you think it’s a little dangerous to have the man in charge having his news put through the only-good-news-for-the-president filter?

Tina Brown: Maybe he spends his day reading bloggs

Gawker has more excerpts here.

Yo, Joi

Yo, Joi
: Can you pick up one? Anil wants it. Bad.

My books

My books
: Ben Hammersley announces that Amazon has full-text search of all its books up (just type anything into the search box and you get links to pages in the books).

So, of course, I did the egotistical thing: I looked up my name.

I find myself mentioned in more than a dozen books. (Forget the first one about the other Jeff Jarvis, famed musician. I, of course, am the Jeff Jarvis.)

My favorite:

I’m in The Book of Poisonous Quotations with this re Andy Rooney: “He’s a twit. He wastes good airwaves and electrons. He’s just plain unbearable.”

I’m quoted defending the quality of TV and the taste of the audience watching it here. The birth of a populist ranter.

I defended David Letterman’s infamous Oprah-Uma Oscar performance here.

And I smashed Oprah here.

Damn, that was fun.

Using the BBC’s community tools to a good end

Using the BBC’s community tools to a good end
: So, my British cousins, why not have some fun and go into the BBC’s new community organizing tool and organize a campaign to support the coalition action in Iraq and the Iraqi people. Support financial aid. Get a meeting together. See whether the Beeb pays attention.