The Baghdad report

The Baghdad report
: Salam Pax is back again today with another good report.

He also says that browsing is awfully expensive.

We have to get this guy a tip jar!

  • Asparagirl

    …and a plane ticket to the US for a two-week vacation, so we can fete him appropriately in our various cities. He deserves some kind of blogging award: best grace under pressure? Great sense of humor, too. Very dry. I’m so glad he’s okay.

  • Chuck Olsen

    Absolutely — how do we go about it? Maybe his friend can help, setup a PayPal account for him or something.

  • Novecento

    Some girl ‘Dear Moon’ has helped him a lot. She would know much more about his presents needs. I was so relieved to ‘have ‘m back’ online. There is at least one brave soul saved from the butchery..

  • button

    I don’t think money is a problem for salam. His former roommate and friend Stefan put his e-mail address on salam’s blog now. Salam is a member of the upper classes and the elite. He mentions that one of his uncles is a banker there. Stefan is somehow associated with the news media. And it looks like the ever-mysterious G has now attached himself to The UK Guardian. I’m sure the news media could get salam a sat phone. He probably doesn’t need his own sat phone, just access to one some of the time. I don’t understand much of the technical aspect of the electronic communications field, but there was a note on his blog saying that Stefan will be his proxy from now on, posting his material if necessary, instead of Diane Moon. It’s best to let salam arrange his own communication lines as he see fit, since he’s gay, and there is an element of danger attached to that in that region.

  • button

    I think I just misread your concern. If you’re concerned about him surfing, there is a Greek company that is planning to make communications more available in Baghdad. It’s a matter of time. I would discourage your idea of a tip jar because it lends itself to some sorts of abuse, scams, the money could get detoured too easily, etc. It is strange that you want to give charity to a member of the oligarchy in a deracinated banana republic. I find that rather tacky, to say the least. You need to have a little patience, and I’m sure everything will work out. A more important consideration is that there are a lot of people who are willing to facilitate his access, just as Jason Shellen at Pyra has. And it’s lucky that Google can afford it.