Ecumenism: When Muslims sound like Jesse Jackson

Ecumenism: When Muslims sound like Jesse Jackson
: From Memri, translating a Friday sermon in Iraq:

Hear, countries of the world: In our city there are no weapons. Do we have weapons of mass destruction?! We have weapons of mass construction: good deeds, the Koran, prayer. This is our weapon. We are people of mass construction and not of mass destruction.

Cheap rhetorical tricks are not the province of just one religion, one people, one language. They belong to clerics the world around! Praise to be to cheap rhetorical tricks!

  • Venomous Kate

    Did anyone get a bead on that cleric? He’s sounding suspiciously like Baghdad Bob, who is no doubt looking for a way to kill time until the U.S. accepts the terms of his surrender and allow him to go into exile in Egypt with his much-adored women.