What’s wrong with Ashleigh Banfield?

What’s wrong with Ashleigh Banfield?
: The transcript of the speech that got Ashleigh Banfield in trouble with her bosses just went up on — of course — Alternet. What’s striking about it is how naive it is. She’s not reporting, she’s babbling.

  • http://anildash.com/ Anil

    Seems like she raises some good points about what’s wrong with our media:
    We hired somebody on MSNBC recently named Michael Savage. Some of you may know his name already from his radio program. He was so taken aback by my dare to speak with Al -Aqsa Martyrs Brigade about why they do what they do, why they’re prepared to sacrifice themselves for what they call a freedom fight and we call terrorism. He was so taken aback that he chose to label me as a slut on the air. And that’s not all, as a porn star. And that’s not all, as an accomplice to the murder of Jewish children. So these are the ramifications for simply being the messenger in the Arab world.

  • http://revirement.de/weblog/ vasili

    What’s striking about it is how naive it is.
    why exactly is that? some of her points seem quite reasonable to me.

  • Big Lou from Brooklyn

    I read her lecture. Naive may not be the best word for it. “Lite” or “Fluffy” or “Simplistic” might be a better choices.
    Yes, she raises some valid points and offers her opinions, but thats where it ends. She doesn’t dive into any one topic in particular depth in order to analyze the media’s coverage of the war, the reasons behind it, and the lasting effect of such coverage. In a sense. she is repeating points that other people have made and adding nothing towards analyzing those points.
    The lecture can be summed up as …
    Doesn’t it suck that [Fill in blank] …
    Don’t you hate it when [Fill in blank] …
    Don’t you wish that [Fill in blank] happened instead?
    The best line came from the Zapit piece.
    “I don’t think people look to Ashleigh Banfield to set the standards of journalism,” one source tells the Reporter. “People were sort of rolling their eyes.”
    What I want to know about is what promted the slut and porn remark from Savidge …

  • Van der Leun

    Jesus. My eyes glazed over in the fifth graph.
    Thank God that she’s got the clock running against her on the air… otherwise we’d be inundated.
    And, Jeff, it is not babble… it is blather.

  • Richard Webster

    I agree with Van, she’s just a pretty person with perfect pronounciation. Moreover, I’d reduce blather to blat.
    But it does highlight the glaring problems with so-called journalism. Go to the Columbia or NYU web sites – look up journalism. There is not one class that even has an oblique reference to ethics, objectivity or professional distance. So many reporters go into a story with their point of view already established and screen out what they don’t like.
    Look at the front page of today’s NY Times, the story on the protest in Iraq which turned violent. Under the photo of US troops it says “… but some Iraqis say the soldier’s attack was unprovoked.” Do some Iraqis say it was provoked? Was the question asked? The implication here is that our soldiers are willing to gun down unarmed civilians. That is an accusation that should not be lightly made. But when you’re looking to SELL papers, to attract ADVERTISERS, you need to play fast and loose with the truth.
    One of the best things about this website is that there is no advertising. The links take you to places there are, but there aren’t any pop-ups or banners, et cetera. We all sometimes forget, none of the media exist to simply bring us information. They exist to draw a crowd, get them listening, and then to try to sell something.
    Did Ms Banfield speak in Kansas for free? I doubt it. She was paid. This is her job, her career. She wants to advance, to reach as high a point in her field as she can. So often just like all journalists, she makes a decision about a story based on its effects on her career, not on the public’s right to know, its need to know the whole story.
    I don’t pretend to know what would correct all these things, but I think having this brought to our attention periodically would keep news reporting in prospective. These are not sackcloth wearing monks begging for alms to feed lepers, but often extremely well paid, career-minded professionals competing for our attention with others of the same stripe.
    Mike Savage’s snarling is part of his shock radio schtick (he goes too far with the name caliing) which unfortunately has come to represent Conservative thought to many. There has not been a serious debate of the issues in the mainstream media for decades. The liberal position has been presented as the level headed approach while the conservative position has been portrayed as wacko, racist, male-oriented nazism. Even on a statistical level, liberalism couldn’t possibly always be right. Just as abortion can’t always be the right choice. The outside influences of the special interest groups on the left have co-opted the supposedly public debate which is supposed to take place in the media. Thank God or the Gods or some of the Gods for Jeff Jarvis and his site.
    There are level-headed individuals who feel that the public is best served by the conservative prospective. They should be allowed to openly discuss issues and topics with level-headed liberal minded individuals in a public forum without the rancor and name caliing that does so much to sell corn flakes and cell phones.
    I’m sorry I always write so much.

  • Jack Tanner

    Quit knocking her, she wears glasses that make her look smart. She must have put at least 5-10 minutes of research into that speech and she knocked down a couple large from KSU. What a country!

  • Britney Spears

    You people are truly hilarious. Or, is it pathetic?
    FINALLY someone IN the media (mainstream, at that) has the BALLS to come out and AGREE with most of the intelligent public who realize that mostly ALL of the reporting was glossed over a la Hollywood. Could it be that it’s because it was a woman who spoke out that everyone has such problems?
    I’ll give you a few quick facts about Ashleigh Banfield:
    -Covered the Sept 11 terrorist attacks for 8 consecutive days (was one of the first reporters to get there for live coverage)
    -Immediately went to Islamabad, then she reported live from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, England, Israel (Tel Aviv, West Bank), Jordan, Lebanon (Beirut) and Syria
    -Covered the Bush/Cheney election by going on the road with those boys
    -Won an Emmy as “Best News Anchor” while at Fox station in Dallas
    -Then won “Best Series” award from the Associated Press (To Serve and Survive series)
    -Earned two IRIS awards for the

  • Richard Webster

    Why, Britney! You sexist, anti-American, little snot, you! And after all the time I spent holding up your picture with one hand! I’m so disappointed! Hey, you love Banfield, good for you! I don’t. Did you read the text of her speech? If you had you’d see the pitfalls of having an open bar before the speakers go on. You could have said all that nifty stuff about her without bringing up gender once, but you chose the low road. How sad for you. Here’s a thought … if you feel that all the generalities about minorities and females were wrong and evil mighten ones about males also be so? Next time you feel compelled to spit out a stinging blurb about men substitute the word African or Asian or puppy dog and see how your sentence sounds.
    You consider yourself an intelligent, educated, enlightened soul, but you sound like a virulent sexist. Would you stand for anyone using a forum like this (or any forum for that matter)to blast ethnic Chinese or lefthanded pro-abortion buddhist Eskimo transgender Green Party/Reformist state assembly candidates? Or can’t you get a date?

  • Jack Tanner

    Hey I said to quit knocking her!
    ‘Could it be that it’s because it was a woman who spoke out that everyone has such problems?’ Could it be? Could be but it isn’t. I guess ‘most of the intelligent public’ doesn’t include people who think ‘ best fact of all, she’s a Canadian’. I’m sure her fan site has a lot of amazing facts about her. But her speech was still vapid self promotion.

  • Britney Spears

    Why, thank you Dick, your adoration is much appreciated! Keep up the good work…
    Well, yes, I COULD have brought up all of her accolades WITHOUT bringing in “the gender issue”, but then again, that would have meant that I would have left a HUGE part of this story out. That being Savage (very appropriately named) calling her a ‘slut’. Grow up, man, will you?
    If you think sexist comments and sensibilities don’t permeate your everyday life, then you need to get out more. HE made this a sexist thing, not me. I hear male “journalists” make way more insane commentary than she did and nary a look or comment goes their way. Why IS that?
    And for the record, I’m actually a knock-out, why do you assume that I can’t be both intelligent AND attractive???
    Perhaps you have some issues to work out…

  • Jack Tanner

    ‘why do you assume that I can’t be both intelligent AND attractive??? ‘
    Who besides you assumes your intelligent?

  • Richard Webster

    Sorry, Jack. My gender conspired with my nationality to oppress my sympathies. Excuse me while I wipe off the sweat and smoke a butt.
    Now as for you Brit. Kind of defensive aren’t we? Why don’t you read my earlier remarks about the piece in which I distance myself from Savage and talk about journalism not gender. Plenty of male journalists have been trashed around here.
    I didn’t assume anything about you, I made a word play – Candidate – get-a-date – get it? It’s not a great joke, but worth a chuckle. There are plenty of beautiful women without dates and plenty of not-so-beautiful women with full dance cards.
    Savage can be an ass, but if you’ve got something to say about him: say it about him, not me and all the other males. If you don’t think fairness and civility permeates your everyday life, you need to look around more. When’s the last time you held a door for a man or let a male go ahead of you? We’re all in this together. Don’t make the mistake of buying into the anti-male negativity that’s all so chic these days.
    You know, there’s all this talk about how some people see the glass as half empty and others half full, what about all those who say, “What?!!? You call that a glass??!? What kind of water is this??!?”
    You don’t need to hate me to disagree. Laugh at yourself a little, you’ll be happier in the end.

  • smokin’

    Hey, Jack;are YOU intelligent? You used “your” when you should have you used “you’re.”