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History lessons

History lessons
: Thom Hartman at Common Dreams thinks he’s being clever drawing a picture of George Bush to make him look like Adolf Hitler. I can’t wait until his next chapter when he compares Saddam Hussein to… who, Thom?

Michael Moore thin? April fool’s!

Michael Moore thin? April fool’s!
: My favorite headline in the latest issue of The Lemon: “Michael Moore rules out using hunger strike to protest war.”

: More late-breaking humor: IT&W reports that Saddam Hussein has a weblog. “NBC has fired Peter Arnett for his comments on Iraqi TV. What a shame…. Petey and I are good friends. He came by the bunker just last week…. He’s applying for a job at Al-Jazeera. I’m writing his letter of recommendation.”

: So does Kim Jong Il.

Geraldo booted? Not booted? We report. You decide.

Geraldo booted? Not booted? We report. You decide.
: I had an item less than an hour ago on my news warlog reporting that Geraldo Rivera was being booted from Iraq for revealing sensitive information on the air.

But Geraldo just appeared — live — on FoxNews with a bunch of Marines in a conquered Ba’ath party HQ 60 miles from Baghdad. Even on the pixelated video, you could see Geraldo’s gigantic grin. Nothing wrong here.

At the end of the report, anchor David Assman asked Geraldo about the rumors.

Geraldo said he’d heard nothing.

“It sounds like some rats at my former network, NBC, are spreading some lies about me,” he said. “They can’t compete fair and square o nthe battlefield, so they try to stab me in the back… MSNBC is such a pathetic cable news network that they’ll do anything they can to get attention.”

Geraldo has been singing the praises of our boys on the front. It’s hard to imagine the sin he’d have to commit to get kicked out.

At the end of the report, he turns to the soldiers and says, “I think these guys are pretty happy to see me.” They say, yes, sir. And Geraldo concludes: “I intend to march into Baghdad right beside them.”

If he can’t get Osama, maybe he’ll get Saddam.

: Update: More late-breaking Geraldo news. Drudge is posting new links every minute. Now Reuters and AFP say that Geraldo is getting the boot.

: On the other hand, there’s Peter Arnett. I finally read the transcript of what he said on Iraqi TV. Dope. He never realized that he was a tool. Arnett was always braver than he was bright. It was kinda sad seeing him practically in tears as he saw his career smouldering like a Ba’ath headquarters, but he did it to himself. Dope.

Cat Stevens’ ninth life

Cat Stevens’ ninth life
: Cat Stevens — aka Yusuf Islam — has returned to the studio to rerecord Peace Train for an album to benefit Iraqi children. Better he should sing than talk:

“Peace Train is a song I wrote, the message of which continues to breeze thunderously through the hearts of millions of human beings and there is a powerful need for people to feel that gust of hope rise up again,” he said.

“As a member of humanity and as a Muslim, this is my contribution to the call for a peaceful solution to the dangerous path some world leaders today seem to be taking.”

“Breeze thunderously through the hearts of millions?” His new life gave him neither humility nor eloquence.

Blog lovefest continues

Blog lovefest continues
: New York magazine on blogs and war:

The media keep telling us that the military difference between this Gulf War and the last one is technology. True. But it

Divide and conquer

Divide and conquer
: Nick Denton goes to plan B: divide Iraq and conquer, whenever.

The French Army Knife

frenchknife.jpgThe French Army Knife
: Visual humor, thanks to a German site, IT&W. “I know,” he says, “it’s politically incorrect — but funny.” Politically incorrect for a German (now that’s funny). But it’s not politically incorrect here, my friend.

It’s not easy being pro-war: a vlog

It’s not easy being pro-war: a vlog
: I’ve just done another video post (vlog), this one about being pro-war.

The full text is below.

Normally, I put these on Screenblast but I can’t upload to it today. So I’m going to risk putting this on two sets of servers. Since there’s not much to see (just me) try the dialup version; if that’s too awful, try the others.

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It’s not easy being pro-war.

Don’t think for a second that I’m enjoying my membership in the Donald Rumsfeld fan club.

In fact, I think that George Bush did a terrible job making the case for this war — to us and to the world.

Bush screwed up the diplomatic alternative — and the only thing that saves him is that Jacques Chirac screwed it up worse.

And I’m hardly a hawk. I spent most of my life as a Vietnam-induced pacifist. Thanks to a lucky lottery number — the only lottery I’ve ever played — I never had to choose between Canada and jail. Instead, I went on Moratorium marches. I wore peace signs.

But now I’m wearing the American flag — and waving an M-16.

And that is because, on September 11th, men fueled by hate tried to kill me and did kill thousands around me just because of who we are — American — and who we are not — Muslim.

I faced evil that day. I met my generation’s Hitler. And I soon realized that I had no choice but to support force against such a force.

I’m not saying that Saddam Hussein was responsible for that attack. I’m saying that I lost my pacifism that day and so, I now have to make an honest choice about supporting force or not, supporting the President or not, defeating Saddam or not.

And I’ve decided that as with Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Slobodan Milosevic, and Adolf Hitler, we bear a responsibility to defeat tyranny and to free its prisoners.

But do not think that I come to this decision with glee. I am torn apart about resorting to sin to fight sin. I miss the apparent moral clarity of my former anti-war confreres. I dislike the moral smugness of my new pro-war confederates. I was appalled the other day when a newspaper called me “conservative” just because I am not anti-war in my weblog.

Do not paint me with your Dr. Strangelove brush. Do not think that by choosing to support this war in Iraq, I am conservative, or bloodthirsty, or happy about it. This was a hard decision.

It’s not easy being pro-war.

: Gray — a regular reader from Russia — posts his response in Russian and English. This is what makes the Internet so f’ing wonderful. This is what will fix the world.