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Catch a blogger by the

Catch a blogger by the toe…
: Do you think that Trent Lott ever heard of “bloggers” before last month?

Master of my domain?: So

Master of my domain?
: So I bought as a domain because I’m so excited about this video blogging (read: vlogging) thing. I buy it on and have them forward to this address. And what do they do without telling me (in any way a mortal can see): They add a frame at the bottom of the page with a ad.

F’ers. F’ing f’ers.

How the hell did we hand this quasigovernmental task of domain registration — a simple task of organization, a goldmine of a job — to such sleazoids?

Big names: Chris Locke starts

Big names
: Chris Locke starts a new blog on the ever-better Corante.

“Why are we blogging our lives away?”…

We think we’re hiding behind all these random words we sling around. Then we’re horrified to realize we’ve betrayed ourselves. Our masks have given us away….

What we are seeing today on the web — discounting the plethora of corporate spew — is the emergence of ourselves as human beings discovering what it means to be human….

We’re giving ourselves permission to be outlaws.

Those Two Towers, Part Two:

Those Two Towers, Part Two
: Comments on my comments on the World Trade Center designs:

: Says Tom Villars: “The proposed buildings are obviously an attempt to restore the pride of New Yorkers. To not rebuild something to the same grandeur as the original towers is defeatism.”

: Says Richard Bennett: “Would you be happier with a big collection of stone vaginas?”

: And I reply: “I didn’t think I was going to have this reaction to more skyscrapers until I saw the designs. My reaction was visceral, emotional, protective: I wanted to cup my hands around Manhattan’s groin and crouch and mutter, ‘Oh, no, not again.’ It felt exposed, vulnerable. Perhaps this is all good reason to start therapy, but the economy sucks and so I won’t bother.”

Use this link: I moved

Use this link
: I moved the video file to a different service (a free trial at (thank you very much!).

Try this link: WTC designs video. (Alternate on my server here.)

And here is the Christmas-tree video. (Alternate on my server here).

Hog vlog clog slogs blog
: Update: I got so hammered by bandwidth drain that I couldn’t update the site and when I tried, I repeated this same post a half-dozen times as if in a stuttering panic. Live and learn. I’ll play with bandwidth fixes later.

: Well, it took me just one day to exceed my free-trial bandwidth at So try the second links above. But be gentle.

Further update
: So I was allotted 425mb of bandwidth for a month. I used 1,500mb in a day. Thus, the account was closed; the links above are dead.

: Nevermind the alternative links above; I’ve corrected the links below.

Vlog clog: Well, it appears

Vlog clog
: Well, it appears that I have already hit the bandwidth ceiling just from two videos. So I’ve moved the WTC video to my son’s account, hoping that works, and I’ve cut off the Christmas video for now, to see whether this helps. Yes, yes, I know: bandwidth is precisely the problem. But bandwidth (like memory and processor power) keeps getting cheaper and cheaper; it’s a trivial limitation. Video still has a future in this, our world.


NOTE: Instead of the links below, please use this link to see the vlogs:

Vlogging: Video weblogs
: Welcome to a new age of blogging: video blogging.

I’ve created two video weblogs — one about the new World Trade Center designs and one about my Christmas tree — because (a) there’s new software that makes it easy [more on that below] and (b) I’m becoming convinced that video is the next frontier for blogging.

It’s a simple equation: We bloggers do not compete with newspapers, because we do not have news operations.

Instead, bloggers compete with pundits because what we do have is opinions.

And where do you find the most pundits?

On TV.

TV is no big deal. Oh, TV people would make it look like a big deal with all their jargon and staffing and equipment and adrenalin. But the truth is, all you do to make TV is stare at a camera and read and say something: It’s easy.

There’s no reason a blogger should not be the next Andy Rooney or Charles Grodin or Ann Coulter (easy marks, all!). I’d take any of their jobs, tomorrow.

When you get right down to it, there’s no reason a blogger could not be a new-age TV anchor, for TV news is really just a weblog with pictures that move and talk: TV news links to the same video everyone else has (news being a commodity today) with a talking head tying it all together.

Well, bloggers have heads. Bloggers can talk (at least the ones I’ve met can). Ergo, bloggers can make TV.

So I decided to prove the point with these two vlogs, as I’ll annoint them.

They’re not slick; they’re not good TV; I talk too fast; I couldn’t get the reflection off my glasses; the lighting is harsh; the focus is funky; I didn’t get the graphics to zip and zap quite as smoothly as I’d have liked; I’m not as young as I used to be…. It’s a bit embarrassing but I’ll do anything in the service of populist media.

OK, it’s not GMA. But it’s not hard to see how you could produce a segment every bit as good as any on GMA with just a little work.

It’s TV. It’s only TV.

Now nominate all the bloggers you’d love to see and hear, not just read: Glenn Reynolds (whose video pro wife could make real TV)… James Lileks (soon to costar with real TV star Al Roker)… Josh Marshall… Elizabeth Spiers… Mickey Kaus… Ken Layne… Matt Welch… Virginia Postrel… Tim Blair… Corey Doctorow… Rossi… Richard Bennett… Nick Denton… Tony Pierce… and, of course, me…

Welcome to the future. Welcome to our future.

Vlogging: How to vlog: I

Vlogging: How to vlog
: I just discovered this amazing software from Serious Magic called Visual Communicator that makes it easy to make TV. And it costs just $99. Add a good webcam (that is, one for $80 instead of $50 — here’s my new notebook cam) and you, my friend, are a TV pundit.

Click on the “more” link and learn how…


NOTE: Please use this address

NOTE: Please use this address to see the vlogs — — rather than the addresses below. Sorry to keep repeating this through the various vlog posts, but I’m trying, post facto, to prevent further bandwidth discomfort.

Vlogging: My first two vlogs
: I created two new vlogs. The first vlog — here — is just a rewrite of my post about the new World Trade Center designs, below. But video allowed me to show the designs as I spoke about them and to add expression. TV adds life.

My second vlog — here — is about my family’s failed attempt to get a fake Christmas tree.

To read the script for that, slick on the “more” link below.