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Bigotry by any other name:

Bigotry by any other name
: David Warren outs himself as anti-homosexual (read: homophobic) as it regards gays in his Anglican church. He fears the issue will bring schism to the church.

The church would deserve it.

The Presbyterian Church’s bigotry toward gays and inexorable leaning toward a conservatism that smacks of the Baptists is the reason I left. I refused to raise my children in their atmosphere of hate. Justify it however you want, it’s bigotry(Trent Lott and Strom Thurmond justified their brand of bigotry in their day too, eh?). It is hate in an institution that is to be founded on love, an institution that is to cede the right to judge man to God.

Quality of life: Gawker makes

Quality of life
: Gawker makes fun of the NY Post today for warning that the squeegee men are back. “Panhandling is bad,” snarks Gawker, “but panhandling that results in clean windows is apparently worse.”

Well, lemme tell you, the squeegee men are not urban clowns or the hapless homeless; they are derelicts, bums, criminals, thugs.

Almost 11 years ago, I was driving home with my very-pregnant wife at 39th and 8th when squeegee thugs approached to “clean” the windshield. I did what all New Yorkers did (even those with Jersey license plates): I waved them off, turned on the windshield wipers, and moved forward.

And what did they do?

They smashed my car and tried to open the doors and drag us out.

My wife went into premature labor from the stress.

I had to yell at the cops to get them to come and help. They didn’t give a damn.

That is why Rudy Guliani became a hero in this town; that is why David Dinkins was an utter failure. And the Post is quite properly warning Michael Bloomberg not to go Dinkins.

This is not just about quality of life. This is about law and civilization.

And I’ll take the liberty of reminding the Mr. Gawker that he just left San Francisco in part because he couldn’t stand all the bums on the streets there.

The Post is right.

When I’m sixty-four…: I was

When I’m sixty-four…
: I was driving by a senior citizens’ residence (or whatever you’re supposed to call them these days) and saw a sign out front touting a nostalgic neighborhood for the memory impaired. I’ve read about this: When you have Alzheimer’s, you tend to live in the memories you still have (see also recent frightening stories about Holocaust survivors who now relive that horror as if it were yesterday). In these homes, they put up a neighborhood of the sort that Pat Robertson would call the ideal America and the old folks are supposed to feel safe and comfortable there.

And so I was wondering what kinds of heighborhoods they will build for us when, God forbid, we live in the land of memories:

Woodstock? A bunch of old children of the ’60s in tie-dyes and flowers or — yech — topless groovin’ to Richie Havens and, if they’re lucky, think they’re on drugs.

Vietnam? Aged grunts take the point in the jungle and, if they’re lucky, think they’re on drugs.

Discos? Arthritic boogiers stand outside the old folks’ home trying to look cool so the bouncer lets them in and, if they’re lucky, they’ll think they’re on drugs.

Silicon Valley? Busted boomers sit on Aeron chairs and yell into cell phones and, if they’re lucky, believe they’re still rich.

It’s going to be hell getting old.

Vlogging advances: Just got email

Vlogging advances
: Just got email from Glenn Reynolds admitting that he ordered the video software I touted the other day with my first two vlogs. It just looks like too much fun, he says. And he’s right. Glenn warned me that bandwidth would be a problem and he was right about that, too; but he has unlimited bandwidth.

I tell you all this only to shame Glenn into actually using it.

I’ll watch the Instashow, won’t you?

Rabid redux: A Time/CNN poll

Rabid redux
: A Time/CNN poll says Hillary Clinton leads the Democratic pack for President.

Maybe just name recognition.

Or maybe people really do respect the Clinton dynasty.

And maybe they wish she had reformed f’ing health care.

The Blook is in! The

The Blook is in! The Blook is in!
: Just got my copy of Tony Pierce’s Blook — the book begat by his blog — with a few other Merry Christmas goodies in the box (thank you, Tony).

I opened at random to one of my favorite posts from way back last spring, the tale of the nosey neighbor, a story on a page (as it turns out in print) that could turn into a novel or maybe a sitcom; it’s dense like a fruitcake but one you’d actually like to eat.

I’m looking forward to reading more and more.

(By the way, Tony is terribly generous, giving me a thank-you on page 2 for inventing the title.)

Order your Blook now.

FREE SEX (well, one out

FREE SEX (well, one out of two ain’t bad)
: Glenn Reynolds quotes blogger Acidman, who finds the fit of begging after Andrew Sullivan’s successful hat-passing, to be unseemly, turning bloggers into squeegee men and homeless pundits. Agree.

Glenn says he has a decent day job with a passable paycheck and so he won’t beg or charge for his good services. Agree.

I love doing this (that must be why I keep doing it, even when I should be starting to write a book or something useful). I have a day job. I’m no good at sales or begging. So this, too stays free. I take the Glenn Reynolds free pledge.

Oink: I usually leave this

: I usually leave this turf to LittleGreenFootballs, but I still couldn’t resist this excerpt from a report on Saudi education at Memri:

A textbook for 8th grade students explains why Jews and Christians were cursed by Allah and turned into apes and pigs.Quoting Surat Al-Maida, Verse 60, the lesson explains that Jews and Christians have sinned by accepting polytheism and therefore incurred Allah’s wrath.To punish them, Allah has turned them into apes and pigs.