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Gizmodo withdrawl: With Gizmodo on

Gizmodo withdrawl
: With Gizmodo on a vacation, I have to get my gadget fix wherever I can. Here are the latest new toys from Japan [via Lost Remote, a site that keeps getting better and better]: an in-car computer, colorful Exlim cameras, a mobile-phone-come-cell-phone,

I want my Lileks TV!:

lileks.jpg I want my Lileks TV!
: And this is what it will look like (from James’ natty new design).

Note that Glenn Reynolds has joined the chorus chanting:
I want my LTV!

Bandwidth constipation: If you’re trying

Bandwidth constipation
: If you’re trying to watch a vlog, please use this link to see the WTC or Media/Weblog 2002 vlogs. Those are on the Sony Screenblast server. The links on my server reach a crawl if too many people try to watch at the same time (and so I temporarily disable them until things return to a normal flow).

Which leads me to this:

HELP! Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can host Windows Media Player files for a good price (starting bid: free)?

Second question: Does it make a big difference that I do not have a Windows Media server; I only put one copy of the file on my server. I’m assuming that a Windows Media server allows more simultaneous users and makes more efficient use of bandwidth. I have no desire to get a Windows Media server myself (expecially since my host is all Unix and Windows Media doesn’t work on Unix… of course). But I’m assuming that if I use hosting at a facility that has the Windows Media server, the bandwidth constipation won’t be so severe. Am I stupid?

: Update: For now, I am going to host all my vlogs at Sony Screenblast, which is a generous service (even if the navigation is slightly rococo). This address should work:

Bloggerazzi: David Galbraith defends the

: David Galbraith defends the future of vlogs and invents a new word along the way:

Now imagine an SMS to blog gateway and a picture weblog posting pictures of celebrities snapped by passers by. Ubiquitous digital cameras and simple publishing will give way to a new type of Bloggerazzi – celebrities beware.

Right. Tie mobile publishing tools — text and photos — with mob technology — such as UPOC‘s cellular celebrity sightings — and you have a publicist’s nightmare.

Where we live: A


Where we live
: A German site, Bloggbox, takes the Google Zeitgeist chart and crops it to look like a colorful valley: the place where we live now.

Sex sells: Keith Kelly in

Sex sells
: Keith Kelly in the NY Post reports that Caroline Waxler, known to many a blogger hereabouts, has sold a book:

Waxler’s book, “Stocking up on Sin: How to Crush the Market with Vice-based Investing,” will focus on how to make lots of cash through socially irresponsible investing in things like booze, drugs, weapons, gambling and prostitution.

VLog fight: In the world

VLog fight
: In the world of blogs, you know you’re onto something when you start reading a lot of posts arguing why you’re not onto something.

I vlog and Justin Katz (below) vlogs about how vlogs won’t work. Now Alex Knapp says vlogging won’t work because video takes longer and because it’s harder, thus evil Big Media will control it.

Quite the contrary, sir: Vlogging brings the power of video into the hands of the people. Just as Quark and blogging let anyone publish so does vlogging let anyone produce video. You’re not listening to me: This new software makes it EASY. I’m not exaggerating when I said that my 6-year-old did it.

: But here’s the real point. Read the comments in Knapp’s post and you see a groundswell demanding Lileks on video. Now that’s an idea whose time has come: Lileks TV. Repeat after me: I want my LTV! I want my LTV!

: I’m still playing with the right voice, content, and look for this idea. Of course, vlogs should not replace blogs; they are clumsier and slower. But for the right content and the right voice, vlogs will be perfect. Lileks will be perfect because he has a strong voice and he has a great graphic sense of humor and I’ll be his inflection and emotion will only make his bleats even more entertaining, for example.

Searchopoly: David Galbraith says: Expect

: David Galbraith says:

Expect FAST, the Norwegian company behind Alltheweb, to be acquired by Overture or possibly even Microsoft.

That will leave 3 players in online search, the rest won’t matter.