Posts from December 21, 2002

Location, location, location: Next May,

Location, location, location
: Next May, a blog conference in Vienna [via Klog] — in English oder auf Deutsch.

Wien? Ich kann auf Deutsch blog. Blog mit Schlag!

The Lifetime Achievement Award goes

The Lifetime Achievement Award goes to… [hushed anticipation]… Mario!
: The game industry gets its own awards show.

Flesh is good (so


Flesh is good (so long as it’s alive)
: PETA gives you its celebrity calendar and the electronic equivalent of pin-ups: desktop wallpaper.

Modesty: If anybody deserved a

: If anybody deserved a little web triumphalism post-Lott, it’d be Josh Marshall, who dogged the Lott story like a Southern sheriff’s bloodhound. But you can’t sniff a whiff of nya-nya on his site. Liberals are dignified.