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Instablog: Speaking of the Hiptop

: Speaking of the Hiptop Danger, there’s now a blog fed by Dangers at mobile blogging complete with photos, live, from the world.

Attention Howard Rheingold. A mob is forming.

This is a glance of the future.

Now this is just what all such interactive media are in infancy: the gee-whiz-I-have-nothing-to-say-but-I’ll-say-it-anyway-because-this-is-so-frigging-cool content we saw on the first usenet posts, web pages, and forum posts.

But this will evolve.

I often wonder what it would have been like on September 11 if I had had a digital camera with me that was connected to the world. The images you saw of the attacks on the World Trade Center were from afar: telephoto lenses way uptown or helicopters above.

Mobile connectivity would have given you news and photos and reactions from the site, complete with fear and danger: a new reality, a new news.

News will change this way, bit by bit, byte by byte.

[via Infosync]

Your friend in the gizmo

Your friend in the gizmo biz
: Gizmodo finds a much better deal for the Danger phone/pager on Amazon than exists at T-Mobile itself. The unit is $100 less and the monthly fee is more than $20 less.

Imagine what they’ll put next

Imagine what they’ll put next to the toilet
: Embassy Suites is creating creativity suites to help guests think.

Embassy Suites has dubbed the new rooms Creativity Suites. They are designed, literally, to be inspirational. The showers have grease boards for jotting down brilliant ideas. Guests will find a box with crayons and exercise tapes. The luxury linens are made by Frette of Italy. The sofas in the two-room suites come in sections that can presumably be rearranged into thought-provoking positions.

Thought-provoking positions? What, you lay down with your feet up so the blood rushes to your head?

O, Canada: Just like Howard

O, Canada
: Just like Howard Stern, I’ve pissed off Canada. And I like Canada.

Mary Lacroix writes:

I love the site, but you broke my heart today. Here in Canada, we get The Sopranos on Tuesday night, not Sunday. I scrupulously avoid Television Without Pity’s Sopranos area and Slate’s shrinks’ rap until after the broadcast, but I didn’t know that I’d have to avoid your site as well. Lesson learned, but I’m going to be pouting all day now.

Sorry, Mary. Sorry, Canada. I’ll warn you next time.

Headless horseman: You must go

Headless horseman
: You must go to’s Soprano’s forum after last night’s killer episode.

Says one poster: “I see those who felt last night was a great episode fall in three categories, judging by their posts:1. Ralphie had been asking for it.2. Finally, someone got whacked.3. Both (1) and (2).”

Another admires the product placement for Visine: “Gets the Raid out.”

Switch: He switches to Canada.

: He switches to Canada.

Supersized fears: The Wall St.

Supersized fears
: The Wall St. Journal asks whether America is losing its taste for fast food.

He lives: Ken Layne is

He lives
: Ken Layne is resurrected.