Posts from November 2002

Hijacked: What the hell happened

: What the hell happened to Elizabeth Spiers blog? I go to and I get some “rated r” thing. Blogspotitis?

Has she been kidnapped? Nick, Rick, somebody, rescue her!

: Now she’s back. It was a brief nightmare. I’m going to bed now. The world is safe again.

Gogling: If newbie blogger Steven

: If newbie blogger Steven Johnson can invent a Google game already, then so can I:

I am always impressed that Google can predict what I meant to say (as the old Mayor Daley’s press secretary used to say: “Quote what he meant to say, not what he said”).

So I wondered whether Google would recognize variations on my name and then ask: “Did you mean Jeff Jarvis?”

I’m up to a half-dozen variations so far.

Oh, those Scandinavians: My favorite

Oh, those Scandinavians
: My favorite Scandy site, Buzz, is out of commission (as near as I can translate, its computer is sick) so we’ll have to make due with Aftenposten’s most-read news:

: Mother (human) breastfeeds babies (canine).

: Not to be outdone, here’s cruel news on human animal contact from the cruel state, New Jersey: Man tortures hamster.

: I’ve been gone from blogging for a few days and this is the quality of what I give you on my return? It has been a long few days.

: Maybe I’m just bitter. I’ve been gone a few days and nobody reported me kidnapped. Nobody. I’m so hurt.

Style over substance: An amazing

Style over substance
: An amazing presentation of type with music. Forget what it says. It’s hypnotizing.

Emerging: Steven (Berlin) Johnson finally

: Steven (Berlin) Johnson finally has a weblog. Nick Denton and I listed him among those who should have blogs but don’t. Now he does.

Next: Denton’s working on Hitchens.

And I say Shirky is long overdue (and, no, guest blogging does not count).

A billion served: Drudgeburgers, that

A billion served
: Drudgeburgers, that is.

And I thought was

And I thought was cool
: From an ad on Bill Quick’s site, I see that I can buy myself an even better title: Lord Jarvis, Baron Jarvis, Viscount Jarvis, Count Jarvis. Even better than owning a .com. Much better than that stupid star registry sham thing. And not bad for a guy with hillbilly roots.

Media more: Rick Bruner and

Media more
: Rick Bruner and company have started a good new weblog on media and marketing. With Romenesko, IWantMedia, Corante, AdAge, ContentBiz, and more (I’m too lazy to link), weblogs are turning into a valuable media resource.